You might not be familiar with the name Trevor Lyons, but if you’re a Canadian with a television set, chances are you’ve seen his camerawo

rk. From News events like the wildfires in Fort McMurray and flooding in New Brunswick to shows like Hockey Night in Canada and The CBC New Years Eve Special, Trevor has captured many of this country’s most memorable images. He’s also focused his lens on some of the most recognizable newsmakers of our time, including former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, every Prime Minister since Jean Chretien—and even the Queen mum.

It’s an impressive resume for a kid from Lorette, Manitoba. As a child Lyons could often be found fiddling with all things mechanical or electrical. His main motivation seemed to be finding a new or unintended use for something. He was destined for a career as an inventor —or perhaps not.

Instead, Lyons chose to pursue television broadcasting, an industry that satisfied his technical curiosity—but also nurtured his growing artistic side. When he picked up his first news camera, he knew he had found his calling.

Trevor has been perfecting his craft and lugging his camera all over Canada and the U.S. He’s covered triumphs, tragedies and everything in between. Two career highlights include documenting humanitarian aid efforts in Africa, and covering the double gold win at the Sochi Olympics in Russia.

To be sure, Trevor has seen the world from a variety of interesting angles, but in 2014 he began contemplating a whole different vantage point: the birds’ eye view.

Now Chief Pilot at Canada’s public broadcaster, Trevor oversees the CBC’s RPAS department, as well as producing high quality aerials for shows like The Fifth Estate, The National and Provincial Elections across the country.